Information for presenters

Information for speakers

Presentations have to be brought along on flash drive and need to be compatible with Windows7, Microsoft Office 2010 (Powerpoint). The presentations shall be uploaded in the room where the presentation is given. Please contact one of the student helpers in the morning or in a break well in advance.

In order to ensure a smooth sequence of lectures without delay, use of own laptops is, in general, not allowed.

Information for poster authors

Posters may be up for the whole duration of the conference.
Tape to fix posters is available at the conference office. Use of needles is not allowed.

The size of the poster boards allows a poster format of up to 975 mm in width and about 1200 mm in height.

Please remove your poster until Thursday, 14:00.

The positions of the posters depend on the assignment to one of the symposia as given by the ID S...-..... You get information on this on the overview of the venue included in your conference materials.

When you fix your poster, please leave the ID on top of the display board where it is so that it is visible during the conference.