General Symposia

  • Mixing and Compounding (Udo Wagenknecht, Bruno Vergnes)
  • Polymer Blends and Alloys (Jürgen Pionteck, Paula Mouldernaers)
  • Rheology and Process Simulation (Marina Grenzer, Patrick Anderson)
  • Functional, Nano and Bio Composites ( Andreas Leuteritz, De-Yi Wang, Christian Bonten, Johan Labuschagne)
  • Fibers, Films and Foams (Harald Brünig, Volker Altstädt, Hossein Ali Khonakdar)
  • Injection Moulding and Extrusion (Ines Kühnert, Walter Friesenbichler, Volker Schöppner)
  • Elastomer Materials and Processing (Sven Wiessner, Kinsuk Naskar)

Special Symposia

  • Nanocarbon Based Composites, in conjunction with CNPComp2017 (Petra Pötschke, Milo Shaffer)
  • Polymer Modification with Ionizing Radiation (Uwe Gohs, Moustapha Kaci)
  • Nano- and Microstructured Surfaces and Films (Petra Uhlmann, Clemens Holzer)
  • In-line Analytics and Process Monitoring (Dieter Fischer, Jose Covas)
  • Welding and Joining Technology (Michael Gehde)
  • Polymers for Medical Applications (Carsten Werner, Phil Coates)
  • Additive Manufacturing (Dietmar Drummer)